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lady cop
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outlet shopping

Post by lady cop »

do you have any outlet type stores near you? do you find it really saves you money to shop outlets? there is an outlet mall not far from me, and i think you have to really be savvy about prices because you don't always save. the best ones that i have found for my purposes are westpoint for high-end bedding ( i recently bought $40. apiece Ralph Lauren sheets for $6.each) , and when i want something special, Royal Doultan china at very deep discounts...good for Christmas shopping. many will start Christmas shopping soon, what do you recommend?
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outlet shopping

Post by abbey »

We have quite a few in the surrounding area where i live, the best one is Freeport at Fleetwood its enormous, and has a really wide variety of shops including Royal Doulton and Wedgwood.

I'm in seventh heaven whenever i manage to get there.

I know, I know i'm a sad sod!:o
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outlet shopping

Post by Accountable »

I've found that outlet malls have a few outlet stores and the rest are regular retail. If it doesn't have Outlet on the store sign, look out for high prices.
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outlet shopping

Post by chonsigirl »

I use the JC Penney outlet section online, sometimes there are really good deals. But there are no good outlet stores near me, they are quite a drive away, and not worth it now with the gas prices.
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outlet shopping

Post by LottomagicZ4941 »

I was disapointed with the outlit mall.

They had cheap stuff if your way tall or way short but nothing for normal people.

Did find a record store and got the best of the Ramones on the cheap.

Also they had cheap special orders and I got some hard to find Nazareth CDs so it wasn't a total loss.


got spammed by rednOva so I e-vistied them

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outlet shopping

Post by randall »


Dear Abbey,


I did and thinking of the New York of my younger years ordered a stack of waffles.

I got two hardly defrosted,

With frozen butter and had to ask for syrup.

Coffee was the only thing that didn't upset me. It wasn't great but it was hot and drinkable.

A Big disappointment.:-5

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