The East Offering Its Riches To Britannia

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The East Offering Its Riches To Britannia

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I love art that is aesthetically pleasing to my eye and when I happen upon such a painting I always like to find out more about it. The last time I was in London, a friend of a friend who knows this, pointed me in the direction of the Foreign and Commonwealth office, saying that there was just such a painting in this building. After a bit of a search I found it and it certainly is a wonderful work of art.

Its called … The East Offering Its Riches To Britannia" by Spiridione Roma.

On the horizon in this allegorical painting, Roma depicts an East India Company ship, identifiable by its East India Company flag, the cross of St George and stripes.

In the foreground two women, each representing parts of the world 'conquered' by the Company, namely India and China, queue to offer goods to Britannia. The swarthy figure representing India presents pearls, which Britannia eagerly takes up.

China offers a Ming vase, and a tea chest is at her knees. The shadowy figures behind her are bearing bundles of raw cotton.

Mercury (Roman messenger god of "eloquence, skill and thieving") stands aloft, supervising the scene.

While Old Father Thames sits bottom left, symbolizing London, and London's power.

The putti is Britannia's escort.
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The East Offering Its Riches To Britannia

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That's wonderful
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The East Offering Its Riches To Britannia

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I like it.

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