Airport scam

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Airport scam

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Be alert

Sunday evening hubby flew back from Amsterdam to London. At Amsterdam the security is mainly carried out at the gate.. with only a brief check at passport control.

There is a restriction on any liquid in your hand luggage (100ml max ) but this does not apply to purchases made in the duty fee/tax free shops AFTER passport control.

Anything you buy there will be put in a sealed 'see fly buy' bag and you are allowed to take it onto the aircraft.

However at the KLM gate on sunday evening people were being told that they could not take these items onto the plane. Of course there was no time to go off and find someone to check this rule with so passengers were handing over perfume and wine/spirits they had just paid for.

This is a scam..:sneaky:

Don't fall for it.
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Airport scam

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I think I know what to give them:sneaky:

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