The family tree

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The family tree

Post by buttercup »

Anyone researching their family tree?

How are you getting on with it, how far back did you go?

Many family members would prefer the past to be forgotten, how would you feel about a child of yours wanting to start digging around in the past?
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Bill Sikes
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The family tree

Post by Bill Sikes »

buttercup;1233297 wrote: Anyone researching their family tree?

How are you getting on with it, how far back did you go?

Many family members would prefer the past to be forgotten, how would you feel about a child of yours wanting to start digging around in the past?

Gone back a fair way so far - WRT "digging around", why not - if it's recent, they'll find out anyway, and appropriate helpful-to-all explanations can be offered - if it's not recent, it's only history.
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The family tree

Post by qsducks »

My kids have all done this subject...went very far back right to Ireland, England, Wales, etc. It was fun project.
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The family tree

Post by ZAP »

I've done a lot on my father's side in Germany and the US. Now I'm going to research my mother's side in England, Ireland, Scotland , Wales and Holland. I encourage my kids to do it also.
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The family tree

Post by Snowfire »

Its something my son and I intend to get our noses into.

May I suggest that a good starting point is to "grill" your elderly relatives for any names and info they can possibly remember. It'll save on a little leg work at the start.

I wish now that I had dated and identified all those photographs over the years too
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The family tree

Post by chonsigirl »

My mother is the keeper of that info, it is traced back to about 1500 in Scotland. I don't know if when the info is passed on I'll take it back farther, that is a pretty far back already.

Lots of interesting side branches-John Hancock, Mayflower, stuff like that. We used to have to take our mom into school when the teachers wouldn't believe us, to tell them 'tis so.
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The family tree

Post by along-for-the-ride »

My sister has done our family tree at She went as far back as Eleanor of Aquitaine in our family tree.

Have you seen the movie, "The Lion in Winter"? Katherine Hepburn played the part of Eleanor. I understand Ms. Hepburn is on the same family tree somehow.
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The family tree

Post by K.Snyder »

I'd posted a thread pertaining to the subject of geneology if you'd like to have a look. ... stors.html

As for my ancestors I'll go ahead and post a few of my posts in that thread here! Couldn't hurt!

K.Snyder;968988 wrote: I'd just recently been told that my great grandmothers' maiden name, on my fathers' side, was "Ballard"...

I'd looked up the meaning of the surname Ballard and this is what it said...

Celtic and Gaelic. From Ball, a place, a round elevation; and ard, high. The Gaelic word Ballart signifies noisy, boasting. Bal also signifies a lord, and ard, high.

My great-grandmother had married my great-grandfather to whom bore the name McClure and I find that both surnames being of Celtic and Gaelic origin is of no coincidence...

I'm completely intrigued as well as excited to search a bit down the "Ballard" family history as I've ran into a bit of a stand still in searching on the other sides of my family...

My "Soeller" and "Kastner" side of my family ends in 1911 from my great-great-grandmother, on my mothers' side, traveled to the new world on the USS Pennsylvania in 1911 when my great grandmother was 18 years old...Her mother(My great-great-grandmother) bore the name Soeller from which my great-grandmother married Andrew Kastner...From which my grandmother bore the name Kastner to Marry my grandfather to whom bore the name Manary(I've read Manary is of Irish origin) leading to my mother bearing the maiden name Manary until she'd eventually met and married my father from which my immediate family bares the name "Snyder"...

I'm interested in everything historical associated with the name Ballard if anyone on these boards are familiar with the name as well as could most hopefully have family to whom bares the name "Ballard"... ... stors.html

K.Snyder;1261919 wrote: I'd recently discovered that I have significant ancestry both from Ireland and England and I'm quite confident I have Scottish ancestry as well considering my paternal grandmothers maiden name was McClure and they original hail from Kentucky, from which was quite a settling point for the Scottish and Irish during the great migrations to the Americas.

I assume my paternal grandmothers family is from Scotland because I do believe the surname McClure is predominately Scottish as well as my father looks more Scottish than Irish. He's relatively short(5' 8" - 173 cm), stocky, with a square sort of face.

None the less my, in hindsight, recent genetic make up consists of Irish, Scottish(I'm certain of it!), English, German, and Native American.

*Both of my paternal great grandmothers hails from English families so far consisting of Margaret Nee Ballard(B: 1748 D: 1849) married to Henry Ballard (B: ? D: ?) and John Dennis whom married Ann Snow Reed(Reid) both born 1735 in Littleham, Devon, England! Ann Snow Reed's parents were William Reed(Reid) and Mary Ann Reed(Reid)!

My paternal grandfather's mother's grandparents were David Y and Elizabeth Atkins from which I believe "Atkins" is quite a common surname in England!

My mother's Paternal family I've researched to John and Allen Manary both born about 1830. John having been born in Canada! And Allen was born in Ireland! I don't know Allen's maiden name so would be difficult to find out as I've not found any marriage information as of yet. John and Allen Manary's children in 1870 Fort Wayne Ward 1, Allen, Indiana were

Levi Manary 15

Kattie Manary 13

Esther Manary 11

Allen Manary 9

Elizza Manary 7

Maggie Manary 5

John Manary 2

William Manary 2/12

Levi, or Levy Manary is my great, great grandfather!

*Subject to further investigation as this information is stemmed off of another member's profile from which Leeds:yh_wink to my family already having been researched by me personally. I've no reason to suspect it's wrong. ... stors.html

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