A Happy Ending

Discussion group for bereaved parents.This forum offers support, understanding, compassion and hope to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings struggling to rebuild their lives after the death of their children, grandchildren or siblings.
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A Happy Ending

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Lately, it seems all the missing children stories have had sad endings. Here is a site with a happy ending and advice on increasing the chances of a happy ending.

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A Happy Ending

Post by teramiabullfrog »

fortunately, lately there have been some missing children situations that end on a positive note. thanks for the invite to your site, will definitely preserve it for future reference. is it ok to bring up the missing children subject in your site? i definitely have an obsession, if not an agenda, in trying to influencing others to become involved in fixing what's wrong with the programs run by the govt. and created to maximize the potential for finding and preventing missing children. of course, i don't always have to be the heavy, i do have a lighter side (my minibus license plate has the letters UFE - unidentified floating energy), da, da da, da da dah.

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