Project Fi

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Project Fi

Post by Ahso! »

I signed up for this 3 months ago and am loving it, though I've been experiencing a few issues here and there. I've been thinking it was the phone (Nexus 6). My cell bill is half of what it was with AT&T.

I ordered the new Nexus 6P which is being shipped today. I'm excited. I'm giving the Nexus 6 to the ex so she can save some money on her monthly cellphone bill.
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Project Fi

Post by LarsMac »

Hmmm. looks interesting. Will keep it in mind for when I need to replace my current phone.
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Project Fi

Post by FourPart »

I'm a very low level user, and a £25 used to last me about 3 months or more. Now I have a basic TalkTalk contract one for £5 / month, and that includes a nifty little LG Smart Phone. Even that £5 gives me far more than I ever use on it. I've no complaints.

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