Understanding the book of Revelation Con't.

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Understanding the book of Revelation Con't.

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Revelation 4-part 2

The Portrayal “Before the Throne”

The number seven has been used characteristically of the Holy Spirit [ref. Rev. 1:4; 3:1; 5:6]. There are not seven different spirits, but we see that there is the sevenfold fullness and completeness of the Holy Spirit’s omniscience and omnipotence. Here the Holy Spirit takes on His judicial character, fire being a symbol of divine judgment at the second coming of Christ to the earth with His saints [Ref. 2 Thes 1:7-8]. This is far different from the divine fire in the present power and activity of the Holy Spirit in the Church [Ref. Acts 2:3]. The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus as a dove, but here He is “the Spirit of Judgment, and the Spirit of burning’ [Ref. Isa. 4:4]. Each member of the Holy Trinity is viewed in connection with the righteous character of the throne. Each is prepared to execute judgment, do you want to be friend or foe.

Rev. 4:6 John tells us that before the throne was like “a sea of glass like crystal.” The laver in the tabernacle [Ref. Ex. 30:18-21), and the sea in Solomon’s temple [Ref. 1 Kings 7:23-27] were for priestly purification. But here in Heaven the sea is solidified. In Heaven, where there is a fixed state of holiness and purity, there is no need for cleansing. Heaven is the place of perfection. There the saints will have entered into perfect sanctification. The backslidings of the heart and the failures of the flesh are forever past.

Praise in the midst of the Throne:

John tells us there were in the center and around the throne, four living creatures full of eyes in front and behind. The Greek word for “beast” is “zoon” and is translated “living creatures.” These living creatures are created beings. They are full of eyes before and behind, which able them to see all things with accuracy.

Rev. 4:8 John shows us here that the praise is increasing, Holy, Holy, Holy. It reveals the nature of the trinity of the Holy Godhead: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This same expression of praise was offered by the seraphim in the Temple [Ref. Isa. 6:3].

These glorified beings are intimately connected with the holiness and justice of God. In the prophecy of Isaiah they sound God’s praise and execute His judgment by taking the coals of fire to purge the lips of the prophet. Here in Revelation they are doing the same. Before the fury of God’s wrath is poured out, His holiness is magnified.

It is because of His holiness, deity, and eternalness. The names “Lord God Almighty” (Jehovah, Elohim, and Saddai) suggest that God is getting ready to resume His relationship with Israel. These names were first given in connection with His chosen people, the nation Israel.

Rev. 4:9-11 At the sound of “Holy, Holy, Holy” coming from the four living creatures, the twenty-four elders rise from their thrones and fall before the triune God to join the worship of praise. “Worship” in the scriptures has several meanings, such as; obeisance, reverence, homage, honor, and service. The first and fundamental claims of God upon His redeemed ones are that they worship Him [Ref. Mt. 4:9-11].

How it must grieve our Heavenly Father when we become weak in our worship! Here on earth we have a tendency to rob Him of the honor, homage, and service that is due Him. But in Heaven we shall worship Him as we ought.

As part of their worship they “cast their crowns before the throne.” They, as we will lay aside their given glory to add to His glory, thereby ascribing all glory to Him. They, as we will realize that they owe their victory to Him who sits upon the central throne, and that He alone is worthy to receive their crowns.

Here on earth we generally want to get credit for what we do, and while it is true that crowns of reward will be given for faithfulness in service, in heaven we will recognize that we are not worthy of them. We will lay them at the feet of Him who saved us by His matchless grace. At that day we shall admit that we were unprofitable servants, not even worthy to serve Him.

As a believer do you praise God that He created you? In Heaven we will know the joy of having been created. Our Savior is the origin and source of all creation [Ref. John 1:3; Col. 1:16]. Our Lord caused all things and all creatures to exist. This is the reason the elders worship Him. They acknowledge God as the Source and Sustainer of the universe and of all life.

These were the scenes which John saw in Heaven. Our blessed Lord is worshiped as the Creator of the earth upon which He is about to pour out divine judgment. His enemies have raged against Him, but He is unmoved.

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