Boston Acoustics

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Boston Acoustics

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I frequently stereo and speaker shop, hit up the conventions and read what I can on new technology in the audio world. I made a good find today. I got a $500.00 pair of Boston Acoustic rear surround speakers for $100.00. They were the floor model. I never want to leave home again. Pesky work :-5

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Boston Acoustics

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very cool! i hope you're watching 'apocalypse now'! you cannot beat those choppers in the beginning! i had to duck for my ceiling fans!!
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Boston Acoustics

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Oh, what a great deal!
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Boston Acoustics

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Boys and their toys.
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Boston Acoustics

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Dang, Nomad! That's a steal!! $100 for $500 speakers!? Good deal!

They're attractive too! :)
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Boston Acoustics

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The speakers may be small, but they have a very interesting design. While they look like cubes, they are engineered to be very versatile. The speaker can be set on any side that has a variety of angles. You can use these angles to aim the speaker when it is sitting on a shelf. Since the 0.5-inch dome tweeter is mounted coaxially with the 2.5-inch woofer, you just have to make sure the speaker is pointed in the right direction and not worry about which way is up.

Boston Acoustics has included not just one mounting option, but two. The first thing you’ll do is install a pivoting ball mount to the back of the speaker. Then you mate that to either a nearly flush keyhole mount for wall/ceiling applications or a straddle mount for corners. This gives you a huge range of mounting options and much more than you’d expect at this price point. The speakers all mount very close to the wall so it presents a very clean look (though you’re still going to see the wires poking out from behind).
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