Alvin Zhakata's walk

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Alvin Zhakata's walk

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This is just plain heroic, there's no better word for it.

When the 32-year-old arrived in the Egyptian capital last week, completing his 44-day 10,000km (6,200-mile) trip, he said it was well worth it despite some nerve-wracking experiences.

And he says he has learnt a lot about himself and Africa. "I used to think I was not patient - but my patience was stretched to the maximum - I've got a bigger patience threshold than I thought," he told the BBC.

His other more sobering discovery was that "Africa is not friendly to Africans" - in terms of visas and borders. Most people visiting from Europe or the US were treated better, he said.

What a guy.

Europe went borderless within the majority of its area, I'd be delighted if Mr Zhakata's vision comes about in Africa too. It's a matter of justice that the principle of open borders extends fully across the planet but Africa would be a wonderful start in that direction.

Meanwhile, I'd like to extend my deepest respect to Alvin Zhakata for his achievement.
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