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From the BBC.

The new Z$100bn (under $2, £1) note introduced last week is not enough to buy a loaf of bread.

Inflation is officially running at more than 2,000,000%, but many analysts believe the true inflation figure is at least 9,000,000%. A BBC reporter in Harare said that on the day he recently went shopping, a tray of 24 eggs went up from Z$375bn to Z$600bn.
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Post by Lon »

That fool Mugabe would probably say there is no inflation, just like he said there is no cholera.
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Terrible for the innocent people but the fact is Mugabe wanted to run his country and now he has , right into the ground.
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Why is it that we haven't landed our armies in Zimbabwe before now? Are the landing fees too high?

The whole world knows Mugabe is a tyrant.

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