Political Satire: OBAMA, STEWART AND KENIPUSS on Women's Birth Control

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Political Satire: OBAMA, STEWART AND KENIPUSS on Women's Birth Control

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This is another dialogue that I wrote on the topic of the women's birth control controversy a couple of months ago. In-case you missed it, the whole thing was about church organizations not wanting to have to pay for women's birth control in the health care plan that the church organizations provided for the women. This dialogue does have some controversial views and opinion because of the nature of the discussion. It is not meant to offend or attack anyone's view or opinion on this matter, it just is providing my person view and opinion on the matter in a satirical manner. Again if anyone has any constructive criticism or just any suggestions at all how to make it better please post.

A heads up on the characters in my dialogue, they are not meant to match the real life characters and they are sometimes extremely exaggerated to make the dialogue more humorous. Two things that you may need to know for the dialogue: Obama sometimes will use a complex way of speaking so that is played on a bit. Also John Stewart referred to as Stewart in the dialogue, tends to poke fun at the Republican's more then the democratic's on the daily show and that is played on in the dialogue as well. Also Kenipuss is my made up character which is modeled after Menipuss in Lucians Dialogues of the Dead.


Obama: Mr. Stewart, if it is not too much trouble, would you please depart your vestibule oris from the apex of my shoe, hence I would feel less perplexed about the current situation.

Stewart: I’m sorry Mr. President, Sir, I just worship you so much! I must keep kissing your feet. But if you insist, I will stop.

Kenipuss: Have I come at a bad moment?

Obama: Not at all, we were just discussing women’s birth control controversy and Mr. Stewart started…

Kenipuss: Yes, kissing your shoes, no need for that mouthful again. The controversy about women’s birth control, is that the issue in which the government is trying to make some religious organizations add

birth control for women into the health care plans provided by organizations to their employees?

Obama: The assumption you have stated regarding women’s birth is indeed accurate.

Kenipuss: Right, so I thought the government couldn’t interact with these religious organizations because of the separation of church and state?

Stewart: Oh! I know this one! They can interact in this case because their health care program takes federal funding and therefore the government can tell them to add women’s birth control as an option

because of this. Did I do well, Mr. President, Sir?

Kenipuss: If this is the case, then why is there an issue? The religious organizations should either stop taking funding and pay for their own health care plan or take the funding and add women’s birth

control to their plan.

Obama: If I may be frank and straight forward…

Kenipuss: Please, for the love of God, go ahead and speak plainly.

Obama: The church does not want to have its funding taken away nor does it feel it should yield to the demands of the government because they don’t think the government should be involved in the

decision made about their health care plan because of the separation of church and state.

Kenipuss: But isn’t the government involved by giving them funding in the first place!? How can the religious organizations say they don’t want the government to put their nose into the organization’s

business, but then ask for money to help with their business!?

Obama: I..Ah…

Stewart: No offense, Mr. President, but I think I might starting kissing Kenipuss’s feet now.

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