labour a party of the people not ours part 2 by AA grumpy

Open or closed borders?
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labour a party of the people not ours part 2 by AA grumpy

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According to Neather, Labour deliberately threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, but Labour ministers were reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote.”

(Source: Daily Telegraph 23rd October 2009.)

Since I wrote part one, further evidence confirming the authenticity of Andrew Neather’s exposure of the last Labour Government’s secret plan to flood Britain with immigrants has come to light.

Barbara Roche was the Labour Government’s Immigration and Asylum Minister under Tony Blair from 1999 to 2001.

Instead of apologising to their English core working class supporters for the devastating effect Labour’s open door immigration policy has had on their living standards, she recently wrote an article in the Independent (19th January 2013) defending New Labour’s deliberate mass immigration policy.

Although delusional, her article is valuable for the information it gives about the development of Labour’s open door immigration policy.

In her article she complains: “Over the past few months there has been a concerted attack, from across the political spectrum, on the last Labour Government’s record on immigration.

I was a Minister in that government. And I believe Labour has a record on immigration it can be proud of.”

Many of these “attacks” were from newspapers simply reporting the statistics about England’s rapidly changing demography following the last ten years of Labour’s open door immigration policy and highlighted by the 2011 census.

Roche recalls that at the time she became Immigration and Asylum Minister in 1999, the preceding thirty years had seen no serious debate on immigration.

The assumption behind the Immigration Act 1971 was that “primary Immigration” should be ended.

Roche confirms asylum claims were more of an issue than immigration and the debate was polarised.

But that was to change, because she saw “immigration in an age of globalisation, an economic, social and cultural good.”

Having revealed her desire for more immigration, she then goes on to implicate Jack Straw and confirms the “nervousness” of senior Labour Ministers mentioned by Andrew Neather, should their traditional working class supporters get wind of Labour’s mass immigration social engineering plans.

She claims that by the autumn of 2000, Labour was starting to get to grips with asylum claims and “that’s why, with Jack Straw’s blessing, I chose to shift the terms of the debate.”

“Despite some nervousness from Number 10 and senior Ministers, I used an address to the IPPR to outline the enormous contribution migrants had made to the UK, to argue the case for managed migration and to float the idea of citizenship ceremonies, and it was that speech that framed our policy going into the 2001 Election, and beyond.”

Why if asylum was under control did John Reid as Home Secretary in 2006 describe the forerunner of the UK Border Agency as “not fit for purpose” in its handling of asylum and illegal immigration cases?

As soon as Labour came to power Home Secretary Jack Straw abolished the Conservatives “primary purpose rule.”

This rule previously restricted large numbers of immigrant spouses and families entering Britain by a primarily arranged marriage to gain admission.

Now, thanks to Roche, we also know that Jack Straw had a central role in developing Labour’s open door immigration policy.

With plenty of “chutzpah” Roche goes on to demand: “The attack on New Labour’s mass migration policy must be confronted, not triangulated away.”

She is insensitive to the fact that it is Labour’s own traditional working class supporters that are suffering most from increased competition in jobs, benefits, social housing and other public services.

Near the end of her article Roche complains that there has been a remarkable reversal on the issue of immigration by some of the left who now say “We let down the white working class.”

Such remorse is too little too late. The damage has already been done and whilst Labour insists we remain in the European Union the “English working class” will have to face further waves of poorer immigrants that will undermine their ability to earn a family sustaining wage.

From January 2014, 29 million poverty stricken Romanians and Bulgarians will have “the right” to live and work in Britain.
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labour a party of the people not ours part 2 by AA grumpy

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The Labour Party; The Party of the People, Just Not Ours (Part 2) | National News | British National Party
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labour a party of the people not ours part 2 by AA grumpy

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Thanks Acc, but it is Grumpy's place to provide the links as he well knows.

And... gee whizz he couldn't even alter the title that much, it's all nicked copy and paste.
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labour a party of the people not ours part 2 by AA grumpy

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