America's hidden drug problem

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America's hidden drug problem

Post by Serenity »

well...i can assure you that as long as there's a high to be desired, there'll be a drug to be sold.

As for connections, how can you get the "Big guy" when the Big guy is who is after the big guy. CONFUSED? you should be. that's how you- the taxpayer is aided to view things.

(this is why i believe we had such a rebelious, ass-kickin attitude around in the late 60's - late 70's. the vets that came back, experienced what a crock of **** they'd be set up for, and had learned enough about the "Game" to have the confidence to rebel against a system that tries to coerce you with fear.)

I'm sure i'm goin to get blasted out of the water here, but i'm willing to risk it for my own education- Through lots of loose information i've come across, it appears that the major dealer of "dope of your choice" is the CIA.

Vietnam sound familiar? huge heroin interests there.

How are you goin to stop drug presence, when it's the govt./millit. that bring it in and out of the country?

personally the conclusion i've come to is to accept the way deals are done, and try and profit somewhere.
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America's hidden drug problem

Post by capt_buzzard »

Its a WorldWide problem now. In Ireland,we did not get the high til the late 1970s

then it was only purple hearts and hash. I tried hash. But the hard stuff did not get here until the late 1980s. Now Ireland is 2nd in the EU as a drug problem. I only like the booze. But if I had been born in 1980 I would not be here right now.

I pity the kids growing up today. We had a ball, we got laid and drank and smoked without no worries.

Today its another matter. I'm glad I'm on the way out,and not on the way in.
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America's hidden drug problem

Post by Paula »

its not a suprise to me, we have all had bouts with drugs one time or another, people need drugs, a break once in awhile is okay, i'm not saying take until you drop, but everyone needs to mentally get away. i don't believe anything is hidden, you can get anything you want any time, so, its up to you. with the world becoming more complex and more difficult to live in, this is what people take up. feel no pain, medicate the soul, some just don't want to know whats going on? i guess thats a choice too? don't tell me you never took anything before? :wah: :wah: :wah: :wah:
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America's hidden drug problem

Post by dsheridan25 »

America does have such a huge problem with prescription drugs. I have been in recovery for 9 months now and I couldn't tell you how much better my life has gotten. 1 day at a time. It is a hard disease to live with, not a day doesn't go by that I don't think of getting high again. I have just learned to deal with it a little better. Focuse on important things in life. I am enrolled in school now and don't have to lie about life. That is the best part about not using pills anymore. I love my life now!

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