Save Our Surgeries - Petition

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Save Our Surgeries - Petition

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Copy of the covering email received from 38 Degrees (Spread the word):

Jeremy Hunt has changed the rules again. He’s bringing in funding cuts that could see some local GP surgeries closing their doors for good. 700,000 of us could lose our local GP. [1]

As Hunt tries to relax this weekend, let’s make sure he feels the heat. We can build a huge petition to leave him in no doubt that these cuts are not ok and we’ll always be here to protect our NHS:


The clock is ticking: some surgeries say they could close within a year. The government won’t want bad news stories sticking around in the run up to the election.If Jeremy Hunt feels another big battle brewing over the NHS, it might be enough to persuade him to stop the cuts.

38 Degrees members have already taken on Jeremy Hunt and won before. We stopped his Hospital Closure Clause and we beat him in court twice when 38 Degrees members helped fund the legal case to save Lewisham hospital. [2]

Please sign the petition to stop Jeremy Hunt’s dangerous plans in their tracks: ... -surgeries

As more surgeries are forced to shut, this could open the door for more GP surgeries to be run by large private firms on the cheap.

Together, we can make a noise that Hunt can't ignore. Can you sign the petition? ... -surgeries

Thanks for everything you do,

Nat, Robin, Laura, Maddy and the 38 Degrees team


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Save Our Surgeries - Petition

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If I could sign, I would.

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