Backlog of rubbish 'unacceptable'

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Backlog of rubbish 'unacceptable'

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It's one of the BBC News headlines at the moment. I assumed it was a reference to the current Eastenders and Coronation Street plot lines but it turns out not to be.

Corrie's apparently trying to boost audiences with lesbian snogging, Eastenders has the most ludicrous garbage involving women swapping dead babies for live while nobody's keeping an eye open. How these scriptwriters stay employed baffles me. Or the producers who commission the stuff, come to that.
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Backlog of rubbish 'unacceptable'

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It might come down to a question of supply and demand. Do people watch what producers tell them to watch or do producers produce what the audience is polled as wanting to watch? I've never gotten a clear answer on which determines the other.

There have been a few hugely popular series that I just can't finish an episode watching. Dexter and True Blood. Both have horrendous dialogue. I can't fathom how people were able to watch it without noticing how poorly they are written.

As bad as the Twilight movies are, they are brilliantly written in comparison to the novels.

Whether or not they are of quality is generally better decided by the revenue they generate.

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