Candida Symptoms in Men

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Candida Symptoms in Men

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There are many similarities of symptoms of candida between men and women. Generally, all symptoms that go hand in hand with the overgrowth of the yeast-like fungus. There are some symptoms of these infection which are as follows:

1. red / inflamed and swollen glands

2. serious itching

3. blister-like spots which can 'weep'

4. pain when urinating

5. painful sex

6. burning sensation

7. impotency / difficulty having sex

If any one having these type of difficulties then surely he affected by candida.
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Candida Symptoms in Men

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These symptoms gives you the indication of the candida. The main thing about this is, it harms the genital areas. As in case of men it could lead to impotence. The only thing to resolve impotency is by consuming generic drugs.
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