a letter from an abused wife.

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a letter from an abused wife.

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That is a very sad letter. It could have been written by any woman. So your right celebrities are just people, like us. I wish so much that she had found a way to leave him before that horrible monster slaughtered her. I often find it hard to believe that there are men walking around today, with an utter disrespect, or disdain for women. I always try to educate young women I have contact with to recognize early evidence of the symptoms of abuse. It goes so much further than the obvious physical stuff. Attempts to destroy self esteem, or controlling behavior, or jealousy, are some of the red flags that should make women run. But they dont. It all stems from the thinking for many women that they need a man to be complete. Or that it is abnormal to live life without one. Nicoles death, if nothing else should have served as an example for many women living in the same circumstances.

Unfortunately, just because this nut case is considered to be good looking, or some kind of a big shot, people think he is innocent. He is just an exagerated example of the many monsters who walk among us.
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