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Post by mrsK »

I get fed up with the media telling the population about studies for red meat, butter v marg, water, wines etc about the good and the bad I often wonder if these studies are not funded by certain companies.

I feel sometimes that we are being treated like idiots and that we don't know what is good for us, so what if we have some chocolate or soft drink isnt it all about moderation, I often feel like the population is being dumbed down and that is not a good thing.

Thoughts anyone!
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Post by kayleneaussie »

I dont listen to anything the Media tells us....Anything in moderation I think is ok....if you listened to what they said you wouldnt be eating or drinking anything:rolleyes:
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Post by Sunshine »

I hear you MrsK. If we listened to and followed all the hype about the foods we eat, we would all be starving. Red meat..not good. Certain fish...not good. Unless it is organic veggies...not good. Chicken...if it has skin..not good. have thingies in it that can make you really sick so...not good. As for coffee, eggs, tapwater, soda, liquor of any sort (a bit of wine is ok if it is red wine) chocolate...( I hate it when they say it is bad for you) but....not good. Sugar...not good.

Not much else left to eat. Bread...hasn't been any testing on that yet but I'm sure someone will think of it. I know I hate that there is funding for all these tests. I like my steak medium rare, my baked potatoe with butter and sour cream and my canned veggies. Don't even try to take my coffee or chocolate away!

I have tried chewing air but they say even that isn't good. :yh_rotfl but it is low fat and zero calories.
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Post by Victoria »

I must admit while I used to listen to these studies I have stopped doing so because there is new and conflicting advice almost every week.

I eat fresh fruit and veg meat in moderation very few puddings and cakes.

I snack normally only at weekends and drink a glas of wine as and when I feel like it.

I think worring too much about what we are eating will cause stress and most doctors agree that stress is bad for you so I think they should stop stressing us out about diet.

I do think snack and junk food should be more resrticted though esp for kids.
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Post by hoppy »

I have no faith in the media. Look what the media got elected as U.S. president. Look what the media gives us as entertainment. Idiotic reality shows and movies usually not even good enough to have been a "B" movie in the '40-'50's. And shows like Oprah. Where in hell do they find all these "experts" no one ever heard of? Like that silly looking doctor who comes out wearing scrubs. What? We supposed to believe he just come from an operating room? Why ain't they bloody then?

And, I get totally sick of hearing government math. You know the kind. When we do this or that, we'll save billions of barrels of oil. Or, by doing this, we'll create multi thousands, even millions of new jobs. But, nothing much changes.

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