Newlyweds and Old Married Folks

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Newlyweds and Old Married Folks

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What where they thinking then.....................and what are they thinking now?


Him: "I'm so proud. She looks lovely. Can't wait.........This tie is too tight."

Her: "I'm so happy.....and nervous."


Him: "Supper was really good. That woman of mine can sure cook.This belt is too tight."

Her: " Gotta pile of dishes to do. Oh yeah, today is favorite program is on TV tonight. Next Sunday the kids will be over. What"ll I fix for dinner? I need to make a grocery list...and get some bicarb for hubby.Hmmmm...I think I'll buy him those strips to put on his nose to help him stop snoring when he sleeps. Sometimes he can sound like a chain-saw...God love him."

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Newlyweds and Old Married Folks

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Very Cute ALFR....I was just thinking about something along these lines today in my own life.....but a bit different....You know how when you date someone and after a year, the NEED to touch each other usually dies down??? I haven't had that happen with the guy that I've been dating for a year....:rolleyes:

Another thought: My Grandparents are going to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary this March....and they are a great example of a successful and happily married couple! I love being around them....they are so funny and still so much in Love with each's contagious!:-4

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