You Gotta Love Detroit!

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You Gotta Love Detroit!

Post by LilacDragon »

Ok. I don't live in Detroit, but I live close enough that it is covered in my evening news. And I just don't get it.

Financially, the city is drowning. Of course, it didn't help that the Mayor used his work credit card for all kinds of expenses (it's early - give a girl a break on spelling) not related to running the city. Don't forget that he leased one of those big SUV's in the name of the city police department for his wife to drive.

So what if they are laying off cops and firefighters. They have rearranged the stations and reassigned cops so that some neighborhoods don't have a local precinct anymore. But hey, gotta save some money.

So the police chief wants a tank!! And she will probably get it, but that is another story. When asked if the city could share it with neighboring communities (so that they might be willing to help with the expense) and she said something about how they hadn't offered to help out with policing the Superbowl, so why should she share! Oh, and Oakland County has one, so why shouldn't Detroit.

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You Gotta Love Detroit!

Post by BabyRider »

I don't get it either. I live about 10 miles outside the city, and my solution? Wall the whole place in, and nuke it. Introduce a natural preserve or swamp land. The animals it would house would be a lot more grateful for it than the ones that live there now.
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