‘Coalition’ Calls for ‘New 11th Amendment’

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‘Coalition’ Calls for ‘New 11th Amendment’

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WASHINGTON (Disassociated Press) – May 10, 2007 – A coalition of civil leaders, mostly from religious organizations representing both sides of the political spectrum, met here today and called for the beginning of the process to add an additional Amendment to the Constitution, which would function as a figurative addition to the Bill of Rights...

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‘Coalition’ Calls for ‘New 11th Amendment’

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“freedom from being exposed to offense.”

Do these cretins possess any means of actually thinking?

Exposed to offense?

Who,or more likely, what organisation, is going define "offense" (which, incidentally is spelled offence

The same question applies to the definition of of exposure. This is reminiscent of the nonsensical ravings about those cartoons in a Danish newspaper last year.
An ye harm none, do what ye will....

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