Star Fire- Gold of the Gods

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Star Fire- Gold of the Gods

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STAR FIRE - The Gold of the Gods

The true Grail bloodline originated with the Anunnaki gods in southern Sumeria at least 6,000 years ago and was sustained by ingestion of an alchemical substance called 'Star Fire'.

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Extracted from NEXUS Magazine, Volume 5, Number 6 (October-November 1998).

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From a lecture presented by

Sir Laurence Gardner, Kt St Gm., KCD, KT St A.

at the 1998 NEXUS Conference held in Sydney, 25-26 July

Transcript © Sir Laurence Gardner 1998

It is now nearly two years since my book, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, was published, and for those of you who have not read this (or have not seen the serialised lecture transcript in NEXUS magazine), the investigation is essentially concerned with the Messianic Bloodline as it has descended through the family of Jesus Christ down to the present day. It is also concerned with comparing the New Testament Gospels with the first-hand historical accounts of the era, as related in both the Roman and Jewish archives. In this regard, it details how the eventual Christian High Church corrupted and manipulated the early records to suit its own political agenda.

Despite the contrived doctrine that Jesus was born of a virgin and was the 'one and only' son of God (definitions that did not feature in the original pre-Roman texts), the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and Luke actually give details of Jesus' descendant lineage from David of Israel and the Kings of Judah. This has led to the one question I have been asked more than any other during the past months. The question (in its various forms) asks quite simply: What was so special about this Bloodline in the first place?

Given that the dynastic succession from Jesus has been expressly prominent in sovereign and political affairs through 2,000 years - with the family constantly supporting constitutional democracy against control by the Church establishment - its status rests upon the fact that Jesus was a lineal descendant of King David.

But, what was it that made the line of David so important, and so different from any other? It was this very question which set me on the trail for my next book, Genesis of the Grail Kings, which tells the story of the Messianic line from the very beginning.

The Bible explains that the Bloodline story began with Adam and Eve, from whose third son, Seth, evolved a line which progressed through Methuselah and Noah, and eventually to Abraham who became the Great Patriarch of the Hebrew nation. It then relates that Abraham brought his family westwards out of Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq) to the land of Canaan (or Palestine), from where some of his descendants moved into Egypt. After a few generations they moved back into Canaan where, in time, the eventual David of Bethlehem became King of the newly defined Kingdom of Israel.

If viewed as it is presented in the scriptures, this is a fascinating saga; but there is nothing anywhere to indicate why the ancestral line of David and his heirs was in any way special. In fact, quite the reverse is the case. His ancestors are portrayed as a succession of wandering territory-seekers who are seen to be of no particular significance until the time of King David. Their biblical history bears no comparison to, say, the contemporary Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Their significance, we are told, comes from the fact that (from the time of Abraham) they were designated as 'God's chosen people'. But even this leaves us wondering, because, according to the scriptures, their God led them through nothing but a succession of famines, wars and general hardship - and, on the face of it, these early Hebrews do not appear to have been too bright!

We are faced, therefore, with a couple of possibilities. Either David was not of this Abraham succession at all, and was simply grafted into the list by later writers. Or maybe we have been presented with a very corrupted version of the family's early history - a version that was specifically designed to uphold the emergent Jewish faith, rather than to represent historical fact.

In consideration of this, I was reminded of precisely what I had found with the New Testament. The Gospel texts that have been in the public domain for centuries bear little relation to the first-hand accounts of the era. The New Testament, as we know it, was compiled by the 4th-century bishops to support the newly contrived Christian belief. But, what if the Jewish scribes had previously done exactly the same thing?

Clearly, I had to get back to the more ancient writings in order to find any anomalies. The problem was that, even if this were possible, the earliest Hebrew writings (which were rehashed many centuries later) were themselves only written between the 6th and the 1st centuries BC, so they were not likely to be that authentic in their telling of history from thousands of years before. Indeed, it was plain that this would be the case, because when these books were first written their express purpose was to convey a history which upheld the principles of the Jewish faith - a faith that did not emerge until well into the ancestral story.

Given that the first group of these books was written while the Jews were held captive in Mesopotamian Babylon in the 6th century BC, it is apparent that Babylon was where the original records were then held. In fact, from the time of Adam, through some 19 said generations down to Abraham, the whole of Old Testament patriarchal history was Mesopotamian. More specifically, the history was from Sumer in southern Mesopotamia, where the ancient Sumerians did indeed refer to the grasslands of the Euphrates delta as the Eden.

When researching for Bloodline of the Holy Grail, I found that good sources for some background information were the various Gospels and texts that were not selected for inclusion in the canonical New Testament. Perhaps, I thought, the same might apply to the Old Testament. The books of Enoch and Jubilees, for example, were among those not included.

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Star Fire- Gold of the Gods

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Genesis R.T. 2;18 , 10;10 , 14;19 -20

The name ANU means '' He Who Is Above '' and '' The Heavenly One '' . Other name for ANU are AN which mean '' Heavenly One '' . and ANA which mean '' I Am '' . ANU is the ruler of all the ANUNNAQI and ELOHEEM . He is what you would call '' The Great Deity , The Warrior , The Noble One , And The Decision Maker '' . ANU is The Most High , ELYOWN ELYOWN EL .

Genesis R.T. 1;1-12 , 14 , 16 - 18 , 20 -22 , 24 -28 , 31 ; 2;2 ; 3;1, 5,6,9 ; 4;25 ; 5 ; 1 , 22; 6;2; 7;16 ; 8;1 ; 9 ;1 ; 20;3 ; 22;9 , 12 ; 27;28 ; 28;4 , 30;20 ; 35;4 , 5 ; 41 ; 39

The word '' ANUNNAQI '' means '' Those Who ANU Sent Down , From Heaven To Earth '' . They came from the skies to the planet earth which was originally called Tiamat meaning '' Maiden Of Life ''. And also referred to as Tamtu And Tiwawat , And Qi , Ki , Tiamat .. Is also called Terra , Orb , Arduwt Or Ard . When the greek got hold of the word Qi , They changed it to Ge Where the word Geo comes from . . The ANUNNAQI in The Bible are called ELOHEEM . They got their name ANUNNAQI When they were coming to Earth . The ANUNNAQI are a race of Supreme Beings .

The word ANUNNAQI is used within The Ancient Tablets such as The Enuma Elish , The Gilgamesh Epics , Etc . The word ELOHEEM means ''' These Beings '' Or '' A Group Of ELOHS '' . ELOHEEMS Are angels of El or messengers of EL ELOH Who is ANU . They are physical Angelic Beings , Not Spooks Or Spirits Or Ghost . They are a host of beings that do the work of EL While on The Planet Earth under an appointed being . Then they are called El Who is under AL or El

The word '' ELOHEEM '' Is found throughout '' The Scroll Of Genesis and is Falsely translated as '' God '' The name ELOHEEM Is used for Both Agreeable And Disagreeable Beings And Even Humans As In Exodus 7 ; 1 , When YAHUWA Told MOSES That He Will Make Him An ELOHEEM For The PHARAOH . The ANUNNAQI , ELOHEEM .. Came to the planet earth to mine for natural resources for the protection of their planet RIZQ , Which Is The 8th Planet In The 19th Galaxy Illyuwn , Which has Three Suns ; UTU , SHAMASH .

And APSU . The ANUNNAQI Can be both '' TOBE or TAYYIB Meaning '' Agreeable or Benevolent Beings '' And RAH Or SHARIYR Meaning '' Disagrreable , or Malevolent Being , '' The Bible Also Calls Them NEPHILIM , Meaning '' Those Who Fell Down '' From the root word NAFALA Meanig '' Superagatory , Gift , Present , Performance , Beings Above , Or A Gift Over And Above What Is Asked ''
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