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Tom Mix

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KarazePapa wrote: When I was growing up in Texas, all cowboys were my heroes. Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, the Cisco Kid etc. They all had values, honesty, were gentlemen, always there to keep the peace, to make sure the damsel was never in too much stress. They always got the girl at the end. They stood for what is right, they took out the bad guys. Guess I have a little of Tom Mix inside me.

KPapa aka Paps aka Pat

Used to watch these at Saturday morning pictures Pat....ssooooo long ago. These values are GOOD values ....there were 'consequences' to peoples actions and good always prevailed over bad. These were good role models for kids.....not like some of the trash they put on for kids nowadays...too much violence and not enough respect.....oh dear...didn't mean to rant...My fave. was the Lone Ranger and Tonto....used to like The Count of Monty Cristo as well....all in Glorious Black and White.

Take care...Bez xx
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Tom Mix

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There is a Tom Mix Museum not far from where I live! Tom was born at Mix Run in Driftwood, PA on January 6, 1880. "Tom Mix Birthplace ParK' has a little museum which includes over 2000 items of memorabilia from his movie era.

Each year in mid-July, a Tom Mix round up fesival is held which includes activities such as shoot outs, hangings, western dress contest, Tom Mix look a like contest and country music.

In order to build a monument on the site, square inches of land are sold for $10.00. Ronald Reagan bought ten square inches. Xerox copies of Reagan's $100 check are given to all visitors. Reagan marked it as a contribution, so taxpayers actually paid roughly $40 of it. Over Reagan's ten square inches is a sign reading, "The President Of The United States Owns This Lot."

Yep, as a kid growing up, I watched a lot of Roy Rogers and Tom Mix movies.
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Tom Mix

Post by Bez »

SnoozeControl wrote: I was a horror movie fan as a kid (still am, actually,) I think I've seen most of the old black and whites. Maybe that explains my warped personality?

Hey Paps, how do you feel about the idea of a gay cowboy?

Ah !!! Snoozy....maybe you can remember what the old film was where a severd hand kept 'creeping about'....I think it kept getting out of a box, and I seem to remember it ended up in a fire. Did the hand once belong to a pianist ?

I can visualise it, but can't put names and titles to it.

Oh cowboys....I personally don't have any problems with gay people...I know quite a few.....will watch the new film with interest when it comes out on DVD...'Brokeback mountain' ???
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Tom Mix


mrsK wrote: I was just renamed Koala today so that explains my new avatar.

The old one Harrison Ford .............I don't think there needs to be an explanation,just look at the man:-6

Welcome Koala. I like your new persona. :-6
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Tom Mix

Post by chonsigirl »

Gene Autrey!

Angels rule!
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Tom Mix

Post by valerie »

KarazePapa wrote: Old Cowboys we are Far. I have a ranch in Montana. Was thinking of selling it. I have a couple of herefords. Too many horses, think I am horse poor. Each morning when I get up, watch the sunrise over the mountains, well I don't think I will be selling just yet. Too much of a cowboy at heart to let it go. Yup, we are going to get a long just fine Far!

Too many horses?!?!? How is it possible?!?!?!? ;)

Man, if I just didn't live closer what WOULDN'T I help you out with

them hosses!

We could do some team ropin' or at least pennin' now couldn't we?!?!?!?

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Tom Mix

Post by Jives »

I'm a big John Wayne fan. As to Westerns, I'd say that a few of my favorites were:

Winchester 73

High Noon

and of course...

True Grit!!

(and believe me, I'm NOT bringing up anything to do with gay cowboys in this thread!!!) :D
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