New health care benefits come at a price

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New health care benefits come at a price

Post by Jazzy »

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's health care overhaul — now looking like a real possibility — should give uninsured Americans options they've never had before. But it won't be a free ride.

As with the Medicare prescription drug benefit that passed when Republicans ran Washington, consumers will face a complicated lineup of health plan choices — and they'll be costly for some.

"People who need to buy coverage as individuals and small employers are going to have a lot more in the way of attractive health insurance options, and they won't have to worry about whether their medical condition precludes them from being covered," said policy expert Paul Ginsburg, who heads the nonpartisan Center for Studying Health System Change.

The downside: "Sticker shock is going to come to some."

And get ready for a whole new set of trade-offs.

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New health care benefits come at a price

Post by CARLA »

Of course it comes with a cost how are you going to insure million of uninsured citizens without there being a cost. :-5 The US health care delivery system has to change and now is the time. Will there be problems sure there will this is a massive change to all we know as "Health Care" in this country its now or never.


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New health care benefits come at a price

Post by yaaarrrgg »

Jazzy, look at the health care numbers from other countries. They cover more people AND do it for less money overall. IIRC U.S. already spends about 18% GDP on health care. That's almost twice as much as everyone else is paying to cover everyone. Everyone. As far as quality of care, Americans don't even live as long as people in these other countries.

As it is, we are buying overpriced junk.

What's happening in the U.S. is that a small group of people are getting rich off the current "health care system." They have so much money, from gouging you in the doctor's office, that they can afford to pay for scaremongering ads to sabotage any kind of reform that would hurt their pocket books.
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New health care benefits come at a price

Post by kentro »

Well this New Health Care in form of the Air Purifier - link removed is with a price but definitely peanuts if compared for Good Health .

We all know the polluted air we inhale everyday .The thought of breathing a cleaner fresh air makes me feel enough relax and happy.

The first advantage is that you will breath easier if you have allergies.

The second benefit is that if you asthma it will reduce your flare-ups and your families if they suffer from asthma as well.

The clean air purifier will filter out all the bad smells and stuff that comes into our homes. I think That's enough to have one isn't it
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New health care benefits come at a price

Post by FourPart »

What a load of bollocks. For anything like that to work you would have to live in a totally sealed environment - such as on an aeroplane.

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