Horney Valentines Day

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Horney Valentines Day

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What makes men & women horney?

Horns is the symbol of the devil. That`s why every February 14 on Valentines Day all the motels in the city are fully booked. But made vacant every 3 hours to accommodate couples who want to play on Valentines Day. Many do not know that Valentines Day is Reproductive Day simply because day 14 of every month is Ovulation Day for women. The month of February is chosen among the months in the calendar since it has only 28 days. Being referred to as the woman`s Menstrual Cycle. The formula 14 & 28 is the only method in family planning approved by the Catholic Church known as the Calendar Method. Unmarried couples beware of Valentine`s Day it could get you into trouble if the outcome is unwanted pregnancy.
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