Nigerian Net Scammer Convicted

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Nigerian Net Scammer Convicted

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Finally! Call me callous, but for those people who actually fell for this scam, well, too bad. A fool and his money are soon parted.

By the way, if you want to see the definitive collection of these emails, check out anastrophe's site: (yes! the same anastrophe as you'll find at FG.)


A Sydney man was imprisoned for more than five years for duping people into sending him millions of dollars in a global internet ruse known as the Nigerian scam.

Nick Marinellis pleaded guilty in the New South Wales District Court to 10 counts of fraud for taking part in the scam promising people millions from Nigerian bank accounts in return for an "administration fee."

Culprits in the Nigerian scam typically present themselves as people who need access to a Western bank account in order to transfer a large sum of money out of a politically troubled country. They promise a cut of the money but ask for a smaller upfront cost before the larger sum can be transferred. Prosecutors said Marinellis fleeced his victims of AU$5 million ($3.8 million).
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