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We're All Journalists Now

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As columnist with the San Jose Mercury News, veteran Silicon Valley reporter Dan Gillmor has covered the bubble, boom, bust and continuing evolution of the tech industry for over a decade. Along the way, he has become an increasingly influential voice in exploring how technology changes media -- and how it changes us in the process.

In his new book, We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People, Gillmor chronicles the social and economic impact of weblogs, wikis, mobile technology and other networked phenomena on the business of news. Are bloggers journalists? Will phonecams kill the video star? Do more voices add up to more truth in media? Can you really trust everything you read on an RSS feed? Wired News spoke with Gillmor while he was on the road in Europe.

Wired News: In We the Media, you point to the events surrounding Sept. 11 as a turning point in media history. Why?

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