S.Korean Cheonghae unit 'UDT/Seal's perfect mission accomplishment

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S.Korean Cheonghae unit 'UDT/Seal's perfect mission accomplishment

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World is turning its eyes on South Korean navy Cheonghae unit's rescue operation of 21 crew members on Jan 21st who were held as hostage by Somali pirates without any loss of life or casualty.

South Korea has been supporting sea lane safety for vessels in the Gulf of Aden by dispatching its naval unit Cheonghae(1 state of the art stealth destroyer, 300 forces) since 2009.

Cheonhae, which is comprised of South Korean navy special warfare forces(UDT/SEAL), is widely known as the strongest in the world for its tough military training and combat capabilities.

Major contributor for this perfect rescue operation that avoided any casualty is Cheonghae unit's concentrated, customized, tough spirit and physical strength based training on shooting while rotating, uncontrolled shotting against the target in varying distances and inner vessel engagement that took heaving sea in this water, the vessel's narrow compartment, and fire from the choppers into account.

I believe that South Korean navy special forces clearly demonstrated its best and outstanding combat capability through this mythic rescue operation.

I hope it continues its effort in anti-piracy activity.
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S.Korean Cheonghae unit 'UDT/Seal's perfect mission accomplishment

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Well not really, no. What they did was a policing operation against essentially untrained armed criminals. I'd much rather you described them as regular troops providing armed assistance to the authorized civil authority, regardless of how finely honed their abilities are.
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