Survey Participants Needed!!

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Survey Participants Needed!!

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Hi all,

I`m a student at the university of Frankfurt, Germany. We are conducting a non-commercial survey which forms part of a dissertation project. Therefore we are looking for English speaking participants.

Our goal is to investigate investment decisions with regard to socially responsible investments. There is absolutely NO previous knowledge required, everybody can take part! It only takes about 10 minutes and you can win a 100 GBP Amazon voucher. Given the small number of English participants, the chance of winning is quite good.


I really appreciate your help as it is very difficult to find participants outside of Germany.

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Survey Participants Needed!!

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There's a difference between undergraduates asking for volunteers from among their acquaintances, and registering from site to site just to spread requests like this. Does the university of Frankfurt not have a policy in place depreciating such negative publicity? Have you asked your supervisor whether it's acceptable? Just because it's "non-commercial" doesn't mean it's elegant practice.

Here's some of the trail...

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For the record, I deplore such behaviour and I think any University should protect its reputation by forbidding it.
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Survey Participants Needed!!

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If you would like my participation, please find me at:

Thank You
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