Help Support Darwin Day

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Help Support Darwin Day

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Here's something useful for the government to do. Recognizing scientific discovery and giving it a day goes a long way, culturally speaking. (Washington, DC – Jan. 23, 2013) – American Humanist Association (AHA) leaders commend Rep. Rush Holt (NJ) for yesterday’s introduction of U.S. House Resolution 41 that recognizes Darwin Day, an annual worldwide celebration of science and humanity on February 12, the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. “We were honored to be able to work with Rep. Holt’s staff to help make this happen,” said American Humanist Association Executive Director Roy Speckhardt. ...

...Rep. Holt commented, “Only very rarely in human history has someone uncovered a fundamentally new way of thinking about the world – an insight so revolutionary that it has made possible further creative and explanatory thinking. Without Charles Darwin, our modern understandings of biology, ecology, genetics, and medicine would be utterly impossible, and our comprehension of the world around us would be vastly poorer. By recognizing Darwin Day, we can honor the importance of scientific thinking in our lives, and we can celebrate one of our greatest thinkers.”
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Help Support Darwin Day

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Ah ! You've beaten Pahu to it
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Help Support Darwin Day

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Let is know if it gets passed. Bet it doesn't. Actually I'm not sure we bother about it - never actually heard of it before

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