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strangeways by the grumps

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did anyone watch the documentery series on strangeways prison in manchester ??

i found the last one rather intreging where the strangeways riots in 1990 changed the prision system forever

prisoners where complaining about being 2 or 3 to a cell buckets for a toilet and having to empty it in the sluice afterwards and the food and conditions.

then along came the liberal luvvies and they now have sinks and toilets and their cells tv,s and playstations to encourage them to behave.

christ where do they think they are on holiday at butlins.

now thanks to the liberal hug a hoodie luvvies lags get an easier time in jail theres even one of them who,s moved to buckley hall who,ll get town visits and get to go home at the weekend and just spend 5 days in jail so excuse me for asking a stupid question but hows this supposed to make prison a deterrant ?

lags get a better life inside than we do out here and we work for a living not just going thieving rather than get a job and earn an honest living.

yet our taxes pay to keep these lags in the lap of luxury

and as for that david charlton i,d physicly carry him in to the showers and turn the cold water fire hose on him and if he cant walk he,d stay where he was locked up 24hrs a daythats how i,d sort that dirty b*****ds dirty protest

and the twat of the week award goes to that the prisoner who got parole and the job in a marriot hotel kitchen and stayed in his job for less than a month broke his parole and went on the run.

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