trainspotting terrorists ??? the AA grumpy column

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trainspotting terrorists ??? the AA grumpy column

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hello its lord grumpy here delving deep into the underwear draw of life

and delving into every nook and cranny to find the latest bit of goss.

its seems that our politically correct boys in blue are now targeting the peacefull hobby of trainspotting.

TRAINSPOTTERS say their hobby is in danger of being wiped out — by anti-terror cops.

Many have been quizzed because they were carrying cameras to snap engines.

Others were stopped because they were scribbling down train numbers.

British Transport Police figures show nearly 160,000 people were quizzed between October 2007 and September 2008 — and more than 62,000 were stopped using counter-terrorism powers.

Ted Vaughan, 65, of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society, said: “We’ve been driven to the brink. People are obsessed with this belief we are terrorists.

“Some don’t want to go on platforms any more because they are worried about the consequences.”

John Martin, 44, who runs Rail Enthusiast - Pictures, News and Information about British Trains., added: “A trainspotter’s rucksack has corned beef sandwiches and custard creams — nothing more sinister.”

Lib Dem transport spokesman Norman Baker, who uncovered the figures, said: “This is an abuse of anti- terrorism powers.”

Police chiefs have issued new guidance to officers.

Anti-terror blitz hits trainspotting | The Sun |News


i know there has to be some form of security but for gods sake since when have

trainspotters ever been potential terrorists ?

most are white british gentlemen usually 40+ years of age sitting on a bench with a book taking numbers or camera taking photos.

if the so called trainspotter was a iraqi or of middle eastern origin then yes i would give them a second look but elderley gentlemen persuing a peacefull hobby HAH !

the police are obsessed with anti terrorism laws as this gives the police gestapo type powers which some officers use to their advantage.

i agree lets stamp out terrorism not by jailing but by executing terrorists the american way by leathal injection.

and secretly send in the secret service or the sas to the middle east infiltrate the terroist organisation from within and send in troops to destroy them and their hideout basicly a zero tollerance policy.

alternativley pull our troops out of the middle east and leave them to kill and maim each other not the labour liberal hand wringing way bleating well what more can we do after innocent people are killed or maimed.

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trainspotting terrorists ??? the AA grumpy column

Post by Oscar Namechange »

Good thread as usual and my favourite subject too..... The Police :yh_rotfl

I have to pop out and then i shall reply.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. R.L. Binyon
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trainspotting terrorists ??? the AA grumpy column

Post by Daveboy »

Sad to say that its not only trainspotting that's being targeted by anti-terrorist cops.

For many years I used to be an avid aircraft spotter but now good ol' BAA have done their best to stop that by closing down airport viewing areas and pushing spotters out to the areas around the airports where local police then challenge them because they, like the trainspotting contemporaries, are writing things down and taking photos.

After such terrorist activities as 9/11 and 7/7 I can understand their concern but its no use getting paranoid about it...!!!

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