Knot Exactly Straight

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Knot Exactly Straight

Post by tabby »

This small Virginia Pine in our woods decided to grow in an amusing curlicue instead of straight and tall. Maybe it wanted to be a french horn instead of a tree! I don't know what conditions would exist to cause it to deviate from the norm like it has but I always chuckle when I pass by it. I don't know if that shape will allow it to grow to a full size or if it will be able to support a heavier trunk in that contortion. It may though, nature has interesting ways of compensating for its misfits!

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Knot Exactly Straight

Post by Snooz »

How strange! It's like it was trying to grow around an obstacle but there's nothing there. I wonder if there was some kind of bug infestation or possibly mold that weakened that one side.

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