I can fly and enter buildings

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I can fly and enter buildings

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I dreamt just now I was a drifter named Raix but I call myself 'rafe'

I would befriend children and show them my trick of levitation, I seemed quite childish myself, with much concentration and of the taking in of a deep breath I could also fly feet first. I could not see what I looked like but assumed I wasn't a pleasant sight. I felt as if I were in a foreign land. The children I met were delightful, I met their father who had thick swept back hair with a reddish tinge but dark, a dark complection and a beard, he told me he once lived in a chateau, he seemed a sophisticated type.

I did notice in my dream I was quite reasonably dressed but in early 20th century clothing with woolen material, I didn't seem to have a home, I looked down at myself, and seemed quite pleased but I couldn't see my face.

I would soar into the sky on short flying levitational trips at night as not to be seen and enter buildings, seeing into each room, sometimes startling people whilst looking for children I could be friends with and to have games.

In a part of the dream, I saw a woman beckon me to her flat balcony in the dark, I found it difficult to navigate in mid air and kept missing the balcony eventually entering a dark empty apartment by mistake, I seemed surprised that the woman had beckoned me to her and felt I had to hide my face so as not to startle her.

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