Ecology in the home

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Ecology in the home

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This is an invention that aims to not waste water. I found it very interesting, while beautiful.

Jardin Decora: Casas ecológicas, la Fresca

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Ecology in the home

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This is really innovative designs found.Even you can use spray bottles.
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Ecology in the home

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Even all of us has innovation in mind when we post a thoughtful word with strange english. Because we're not bizarrre programs we think like humans.
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Ecology in the home

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Ecology for your Garden:

1. Mow Properly: Sharpen your mowing blade regularly. Mow 3-4 inches high. Mow often. Leave clippings on the lawn for free fertilizer!

2. Water deeply, infrequently, and only early in the morning.

3. Overseed annually. Late August/Sept. is best.

4. Topdress your lawn with 1/2 inch organic compost annually or compost tea.

5. Apply Organic Fertilizer if needed. Good soil grows good grass.

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