Help! Looking for expert gardeners

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Help! Looking for expert gardeners

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Hey everyone! Thanks for having us on this forum. We are Global Garden Friends and we are all about plant support.

For the last couple years we have been coming up with solutions for this problem of people loosing yields. There's no need for the caveman style bamboo, or the annoying trellis netting....or zip ties or twist ties. We've come up with the Ultimate Plant Cage that is the only fully adjustable plant cage which gives gardeners the control to support and train their plants in every way possible. And then we came out with the Ultimate Plant Clip which works perfectly with the Ultimate Plant Cage, and even other support systems to make securing your plants much easier and faster.

Our founder Mike Donaldson has spent about 15 years gardening and is probably considered the expert in plant support due to creating products which nurture and support plants at each stage of growth. He learned through trial and error that a well supported and less stressed plant is much healthier and produced much bigger fruit/flowers. He thinks that people do not understand the basic fundamentals of plant support and gardening because they are quickly out to look for the next shinny object that promises to give gardeners a better results by doing less work in the garden. Since Mike is a little old fashioned he believes nothing can beat the attention and the nurturing you can give your plants in order for the to be successful. He has found over the years that he has increased his plants production by over 30% and the health is off the charts by applying his techniques in the garden which he would love to share with others.

Check out this short video to see what we've talked about here in action, and find out how to open your plants up and find the sweet spot and maximize your yields:

You can communicate with us and find out the story behind what we do and how we are helping people increase their yields all over the world, by checking out our thread over at Friends and Partners of The Seed Depot.

We are looking for a couple expert gardeners to help test out some products. Please let us know if you are interested and why you qualify as an "expert".

You can find us on FB here: (we do giveaways all the time)

And our website is here:

Let the good times grow!

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Help! Looking for expert gardeners

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