Alain Toussaint

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Alain Toussaint

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Another musical genius gone.

Alain Toussaint died today in Spain. He was one of the New Orleans Music scene's royalty.

Many popular music pieces of the latter 20th century were his, though made popular by other artists.

He wrote for Ernie-K-Doe, the Neville Brothers, Irma Thomas, and others.

"Ruler of my Heart" was recorded by Irma Thomas, and later re-released and "Pain in My Heart" by Otis Reading.

One of my favorite album:

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Alain Toussaint

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Never heard of this guy.

I like the album you posted. Not to much into R&B, but that is my misfortune.
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Alain Toussaint

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It's been driving me crazy----I thought you meant Dr. Alvin Poussaint, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School whose scholarly work on the psychological underpinnings and effects of racism has made him a sometimes pariah when he suggested Revolutions against whites in Africa served the purpose of cleansing the souls of the oppressed.

Going nuts trying to find this guy, couldn't on Google, then remembered his name on my own feeble mind. Alvin, not Alain. Poussaint, not Toussaint!!!!!!!!!!

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