Digital Cameras Advice Needed

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Digital Cameras Advice Needed

Post by Peg »

I want to buy a digital camera. I have no idea what to look for. Any advice? Also, do any of them come with memory or is it always sold separately?
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Digital Cameras Advice Needed

Post by Hawke »

Choosing a digital camera depends entirely what you plan on using it for. What purpose do you intend for it? Additionally, choosing MP (megapixel) count can be challening. For most people 4-5 MP will do fine - but, again, it depends on your purposes. I myself use a 4 MP camera. Further, most digital cameras contain a small amount of built-in memory, which is fine if you only take 10-20 pictures at a time. However, if you plan on taking more than 20 at a single go, you might want to invest in a good memory card. I myself use a 512 MB card, which for my camera means I can take about 400 pictures on the 'best' setting before I have to offload them.
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Digital Cameras Advice Needed

Post by CARLA »

Check out these site for reviews of just about anything. They provide excellent review, as well and comparison pricing.. good luck..!!

I bought a Fugi when they first came out, it has been an excellent camera. Now I want one with more pixels. Other than that I have quit using film years ago.. Digital is the way to go..



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Digital Cameras Advice Needed

Post by minks »

Good advise Hawke and in these days and ages the 5.1 + MP is not what the average joe needs, this high rating is good for the guy who takes pictures and blows them up for billboards.

Yes buy extra memory cards, also if I can addd, buy a camera that take regular aaa or aa batteries. As you can be in say oooooooo small town Indonesia and fine standard batteries as opposed to lithium battery packs if yours dies. Also a good thing is buy rechargable nickle hydride and buy at least 3 times as many as your cam takes becase as you scroll your pictures on your cam to see the good job you did, that eats up your battery power like mad. Hope this isn't advice coming too late.
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Digital Cameras Advice Needed

Post by philter »

I like the Canon G series. Have owned A G1 for 4 plus years. Only had to contact Canon once for repairs. They were first class. The Canon G5 is the best all around amateur camera IMO.

I also own a 10 D which is first class and more pro level. It also uses all the old Canon lenses from SLR cameras-very cost effective if you happen to have owned an older Canon with multi-

ple lenses.
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Digital Cameras Advice Needed

Post by Vaishali »

Hello friend!!!

As you have not specified your budget range in which you want to buy the camera. So I am providing you a middle range camera. Hope you like it. As we all know, Canon is the number one brand of Cameras. With canon cameras you get the outstanding combination of style, performance, features and durability. So I would like to suggest you the same. I think you should buy Canon EOS 1100D SLR camera. It's a 12.2 MP camera with autofocus with very light weight of just 45 grams. are surprising. It comes with a 2.7" LCD. It supports images in JPEG and RAW format. The videos are supported in MPEG 4 format. Other features that it provides are dust reduction, white balancing, face detection etc. I think it would be perfect for you. To get some exciting offers you can buy it from online stores too.

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