And Now To Get Back To Normal.

Traditional or digital! Share your photos. Do you view the world a little differently through a lens? Let's discuss photos that you find interesting or worthy of discussion.
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jones jones
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And Now To Get Back To Normal.

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Some more wacky and not so wacky images of:

A rather Wilde person; a 1954 three wheeled Messerschmitt Auto; kids watching a puppet theatre in Paris c1960 (do these still exist?); two little cuties wearing "saddle" shoes; "Now listen up dog, this is what a mouse looks like"; American Pygmy Kingfisher moth drinks from a kingfisher’s eye (the eye fluids apparently contain salts and other yummy stuff)

"…I hate how I don’t feel real enough unless people are watching." — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters
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And Now To Get Back To Normal.

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I was about to ask when you were going to lighten up our day with some great photos!

The last one is beautiful!
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Lady J
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And Now To Get Back To Normal.

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Messerschmitt you really think two people could fit in that thing!

puppet theatre ....wonder what the story was about? Looking at their faces they each seem to be having a different reaction. I have a sock puppet :wah:

two little cuties....brings back memories. Yep I wore saddle shoes to school. I like her poodle skirt!

Once again great choices!

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