Ned Kelly Letter...WOW!!!

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Ned Kelly Letter...WOW!!!

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Letter detailing Ned Kelly's last stand to go on public display in Melbourne - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

This is extremely interesting and it's very thoughtful of the Scottish family to give it to us. They could have made an enormous amount of money out of that letter.

For those of you who don't know who Ned Kelly is/was.

Biography - Edward (Ned) Kelly - Australian Dictionary of Biography

In the letter, Sutherland relays the news to his parents in Scotland.

Ned does not at all look like a murderer and bushranger - he is a very powerful man, aged about 27, black hair and beard with a soft mild looking face and eyes - his mouth being the only wicked portion of the face...

I was really sorry for him to see him lying pierced by bullets and still showing no signs of pain. His three sisters were there also, Mrs Skillion, Kate Kelly and a younger one. Kate was sitting at his head with her arms round his neck while the others were crying in a mournful strain.

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