The Most Expensive U.S. Inaguation in History

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The Most Expensive U.S. Inaguation in History

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Have you looked at what bonuses your bank fat cats were taking in the last eight years? Who allowed them to take those bonuses? Who failed to cap them? Yep, your right that no action was taken to put a cap on them. Was that Bush or our congress who needed to do that? As I recall, when it came up for the vote in the Senate OBAMA failed to vote for that cap too.

As for the Clinton years, do some research on how much the Democratic Congress voted to GIVE THEMSELVES in benifits, salary raises and perks. Do a little research on how many Clinton pals palms got greased and all the cool heafty deals Clinton set up for himself for the after white house years.

Have you considered what the Iraq and Afghanistan war has cost your governmeyears.nt in the past few Yep, and took into account all the soldiers who went into the military and not the job market, all the munitions factories that started up again, all the support jobs that went the civilian employees and contractors etc etc etc. Yes war is hell, ya spend some and ya earn tons.

Are you aware that your government has given an average of three billion dollars to the Israeli govermnet in military funding since 1972?
Yep, and created an ally in the Middle East with eyes on Iran, Syria and other nations not so friendly to the USA. Gotta have some permanet place's to set down our defensive weapons and spyware so we can rip the bad guys when we need to.

At least now, the Middle Eastern nations not so friendly to England and the USA will have to think twice befor they shake their bone makers at us. Yeah Iraq and Afganistan don't really like us that much but, who are they gonna turn to when things start heating up in that region agian, I mean after Obama pulls our troops out of there? Pakistan? India? Russia?

Are you aware of how much your missile shield in Poland, Eastern Europe has cost? Which by the way, Obama is tearing down to appease Russia. Yep, stupid stupid stupid. I mean the tearing down part. Russian wants to run roughshod over its runaway states and now, with limp wristed Obama in charge they will do just that. Watch the Russian tanks roll, I'm betting by late summer.

Are you aware of your national debt to China, japan and the Arab money men through London? Your debt to China alone is in the trillions. Obama is set to provide your economic fiscal injection with more borrowed money from China. Yep, how much is yours? Do you know how much Mexico owed us ten, twenty years ago? Japan? How much they reniged on in Clintons years, (and he forgave them in debt) ? How much other nations owe us (can't recall all of them now)? Its called the National Debt shuffle and it waxes and wanes almost as fast as the earths magnetic feild. BUT now the whole world is feeling the pinch, even the whole mother planet as in right down to the environment.

Don't take me wrong... we have our problems as well. :)
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The Most Expensive U.S. Inaguation in History

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double helix;1124029 wrote:

Wouldn't dream of it oscar. Your a solid voice in the wilderness, like a savior come down from the clouds to keep me from going mad. Entertain me!


I dedicate this song just to you DH

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