WHY ILLUMINATI chose bald Richard Jenkins to play Mormon RMoney Romney: heliocentrism

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WHY ILLUMINATI chose bald Richard Jenkins to play Mormon RMoney Romney: heliocentrism

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WHY ILLUMINATI chose Richard Jenkins to play Mormon RMoney Romney: same reason as why they created heliocentrism

Why have Richard Jenkins, a bald well known actor, playing what was supposed to be the 45th president-elect? (1)

Answer: the goal of endless deception, exactly like in the naming process for "Willard Mitt Romney". (2)

So it all resumes to answer the question:

Why endless deception is one of the goals of the Illuminati religion?

Illuminati begin by telling to the human cattle:

1. - "Hidden in plain sight" is the truth: "we TOTALLY control media, politcs, justice and economy";

2. - "black is white" and have the human cattle robotically repeat it.

The two previous messages can be reduced to "we TOTALLY control your minds". This proves the TRUTH of the illuminati religion.

Another goal is based on one of the basics of the BIG LIE technique: the bigger the LIE the more people will believe it.

So by exposing the lie the messenger of truth is discredited at the eyes of the rest.

Goals of Endless Deception and the Heliocentric Big Lie

The ultimate example of achieving the goals of Endless Deception is the heliocentric big lie (3).

Illuminati created Heliocentrism

- to implant in the brains of people the foundations of "black is white";

- to discredit the Bible.

It took centuries before the illuminati reached the point of having nearly everyone accept it, the point when anyone exposing it is immediately discredited at the eyes of the human cattle.

The heliocentric big lie is also the ultimate example to illustrate the quantification of the bestialization process.


(1) Romney was to play president-elect for a couple of weeks before together with "Obama" he would be "jailed" and stripped of all titles. The script was changed at the last minute.

http://www.forumgarden.com/forums/curre ... beast.html

(2) How Richard Jenkins was "baptised" "Willard Mitt Romney"

http://www.forumgarden.com/forums/presi ... igion.html

(3) Result #1 by angelic google since 2007 ...

heliocentric big lie - Google Search

... is the simple TRUTH, the words of Last Prophet Matt Marriott reduced to an animated GIF:

Reductionism in End Times - KEY to conspiracies. In fact nothing escapes its Laws.: Heliocentric Big Lie reduced to minimum, worldwide first by Matt Marriott

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