Repeal and Replace

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Repeal and Replace

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This is Trumps apparent official policy regarding The ACA and healthcare - contradictions included. What will he accept from republicans as a replacement? Anything, so long as he can claim it was replaced with something/anything? Or will he insist on a substantive replacement? Wouldn't it be funny if Trump were to force congress into a single payer system of some sort? That is not likely to happen, but then, we are talking about a president to be that is anything but a traditional republican who has a base of support that really isn't defined. Like typical adolescent types this Trump bunch really don't know who they are yet.

Health care is a case in point.

The republican party is a party that fundamentally believes the less government does while allowing market forces to work instead is the best long term road that maintains freedom. Free markets = free people. The ACA, as far as I can tell is about as free market as it gets. Anyone care to correct me on that?

I hear (and read) conservative rank and file express they are fed up with republicans in congress because they don't do anything - they get elected and reelected and received all the benefits being a politician does but don't earn it. But what is it they expect? Isn't that exactly what they elected their representatives to do - stymie government and allow the market to do its thing? The republican party has in fact been very busy behind the scenes over the past 40 years making backroom deals dismantling the structure of any government arm that doesn't include the military complex, and secondly, strengthening certain industry favorite lobbyist rights and access. So what's the fuss all about? Perhaps if there any conservatives reading this they might informs us?

Anyway, here we have a newly elected president and administration which, it's assumed, is about as capitalist as one might imagine demanding a republican congress to get functioning to make the government work. My irony meter is way up. How about yours?

What's equally funny is that anytime a republican representative even sighs at anything Trump says they receive all manner threats from Trump's supporters. Looks like the tyranny republicans created is biting them in the ass?

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Repeal and Replace

Post by Clodhopper »

I don't know enough to comment on the first two links, but the third is very reminiscent of the way Putin has a horde of internet enforcers hammering his opponents. They've even invaded the BBC comments section on one occasion I can recall.

Yet another Putin/Trump link. Did Trump just copy or is it something, tied in with the hacking of databases and interference in the election, that should be taken more seriously?
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