Diet influences all different aspects of life

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Diet influences all different aspects of life

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God said: "All sky, water, land animals are to serve you", what does it mean? Of course it means human should eat meat.

Old testament - Adam Eve Tree of knowledge of good and bad things: apple, after apple was eaten all world collapsed, what is apple? 100g of apple is 17g of carbohydrates, 0.1 proteins, 0.1g fats, so apple is 170 times more carbs than proteins or fats.

Switzerland - they eat only meat, cheeses, small amount of vegatables, fat milk and yoghutr - last war 500 years ago people live quiet and close to God.

Africa - fruits, sorghum, bread, pasta, all carbohydrates, war is generally constant, people live in poverty.

I have made amateur movie showing influence of diet on: inteligence, memory, health, crimes, health system, law, lawyers, behaviour of people - especially fallen one, agression, wars, plaques after wars, poverty, fertility rate and caring about children, why politicians make war only when people have bad diet (brains not powered enough and politicians can do whatever they want), history, banking and monetary system, army draft, frictions of social classes and parasitic classes, taxes which are used for regulation of mess caused by mentally ill people which is caused by bad diet and our genetics destroyed by ... bad diet but through thousands of years, slavery, why better fed nations ensleve nations eating rubbish, how religions and God are mated with diets and finally how good diet can prolong life... a lot. You will never ever find such data in any book.

Act1 - boring, but shows differences between humans and animals

Act2 - most basic chemical phenomenons in human body

Act3 - religions, antient cave engravings, deep analysis of our tooth stomach say clearly what diet is good for us

Act4 - types of fats and theirs effect on human body

Act5 - propaganda tries to push us into bad food

Act6 - propaganda tries to rise abomination (in us) towards good food

Act7 - i show that all illnesses are cause by bad diets

Act8 - i travel to africa, japan, thailand, switzerland, usa, uk and compare different diets of native people and difference in theirs behaviour

Act9 - how diet influences such things like wars, taxes, servitude, fertility rate, comparison with beautiful graph of 70 aspects of society

Act10 - how bad diet destroys or DNA

Act11 - how to prepare kitchen for good food

Act12 - lessons in cooking, 70 more examples of how diet influences society and thus politics(banking system, hyperinflation, socialism, social solutions, regulations, wasting money), and how diet influence longer life, possibly way longer, and this is point of INeedToLiveLonger project

Movies and links to youtube/dailymotion (some banned already) might be found on this website: ineedtolivelonger

Movie is about 20 hours of incredibly rare data supported by footages, scanned books, websites, each thesis has blunt proof, movie is amateur, it is hard to watch it which was made on purpose.

Download before it is too late!

Regards INeedToLiveLonger team
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Diet influences all different aspects of life

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Diet influences all different aspects of life

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Hi teylor29 and spot. just try to view also this link i hope that it will can be helped, i read this because I am also a health conscious person.

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