i Believe In The Cosmos.

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i Believe In The Cosmos.

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I also believe that a positive attitude trumps a negative one every time.

During my current life on earth I have tried my best to avoid negative people & cultivate earthlings who have a positive attitude. One thing I have learned is that most negative people only seem to find happiness when they are miserable, so that is one of the main reasons why I avoid them. On the odd occasion that I have spoken at length to a negative person & asked them why they cannot be positive, their reply is that they are realists while I am a dreamer.

Why does such negativity abound? Well whether we accept it or not, our planet is slowly dying (perhaps not so slowly.) In fact if a human were as sick as our planet they would probably be in intensive care right now.

Vast tracts of rainforest are being cleared, clouds of toxic gas are continually spewed into the atmosphere, millions of gallons of oil periodically gush into the oceans & poisonous waste pollutes our rivers.

So what does this have to do with being a negative person?

I believe that because of what we are doing to our planet, massive amounts of negative energy are flooding into the Cosmos, only to be returned from whence it originated … the human race. I honestly believe that if you continually emit negativity, then the Cosmos will return it to you with interest. I also believe that conversely, if one gives off a constant stream of positive energy the Cosmos will reward you in much the same way.

No one person, no one million people can possibly stem this ever increasing flow of negative energy into the Cosmos. Even so I know that I must at least try; I must at least make an effort.

As an individual I cannot solve the problem of pollution or deforestation. So instead I try to make a difference in another way & thereby help to increase the flow of positive energy that must come about when earthlings care about what happens to their planet and their fellow travellers.

So whenever I can I remind people that at the moment, earth is the only home we have. I urge them to lobby their representatives to press for heavier penalties to be imposed on multinationals who pollute our oceans & our atmosphere.

“Earth Hour” was a fun thing for us to get involved with but I fear it was merely an exercise in morale building. Somewhat like a plea the British government made during the dark days of World War Two. They asked families to donate any spare pots, pans & saucepans to be scrapped and melted down for the manufacture of Spitfires.

Do those walk the corridors of power listen to us, will they listen to us? Or will they continue to kow tow to the faceless “secret empire” of multinationals who in truth really rule the world.
"…I hate how I don’t feel real enough unless people are watching." — Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

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