J and I (our rollercoaster ride)

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J and I (our rollercoaster ride)

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J and I started off our cyber/virtual long distance relationship two years ago and it has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. J is the one who was sure of what he wants in the beginning and was the strong one in our relationship from the start. He has dealt with the ups and the downs until I "pushed him too far". The last couple of things he said to me was, "I want to be with you but I can't handle all of the stress this relationship with you is bringing me at this time of my life", "I miss you too", "I think this is bad timing due to the fact that we are both building up our lives", "I think you should give me time to sleep on it", "I think we should just be friends for now". With that being said, we are not in a committed relationship but we do have a strong connection with each other. We have brought the best out of each other but then is there some truth behind his statement? The likelihood for us to meet up is next to none. And yet we both means a lot to each other....we both care about each other....and I keep thinking how much I miss him and how hurt I am that I cannot do anything else but cry. I wish that I could read his mind...that I could talk to him and yet I know that if he has made up his mind no one can change that and maybe it's time for me to accept the truth and move on. I have put all of me and more in this relationship and so has he.....this is THE relationship that I have invested the most in. But I have never been in a relationship like this before where really friendship is the foundation of our relationship. We have took baby steps to friendship to more than friendship. Maybe I was being too demanding of his time and to guys that's just translates into smothering. I do not know whether we will get another opportunity to talk again and what the results to that will be. I do not know what is going on in his mind right now...has he forgotten all of our good times together or is he courageous and brave enough to face reality as it is and I haven't really looked at the bigger picture at? Yes I know that I fall hard and fast in my relationship once the other party has earned my trust and has won over my heart regardless as to what that relationship takes place and I know how unhealthy that is. I know that maybe I am the one who is not fit emotionally, physically and mentally to be in a committed relationship and maybe this is my wake up call and a slap in the face to return to reality from being on cloud nine because I have a guy who treats me right and he IS my happiness when happiness itself comes from within. I miss you babe and I want to talk to you...you are the only thing that is on my mind.....all I feel like doing is moping.....not that you will ever come across this post. :yh_cry :yh_sad :yh_brokeh
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J and I (our rollercoaster ride)

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Are you freakin' posting PM'S?!?


I went through something like this,


because that is like ... so low, you have to look Up, to see DOWN.

DELETE THIS THREAD, if you still have time, sweetie. For Real.

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