Should be worried about his behavior? or is he just infatuated with me? Need Answers!

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Should be worried about his behavior? or is he just infatuated with me? Need Answers!

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Ben works for my dad's construction company, and I notice he gives me deep stares all the time, like he is staring into my soul! haha! When he first knew me he asked me a lot but I rejected cause he works for my dad and I figured that would be bad. So we remained friends I guess. I only have been out with him in a group setting, never one on one. However, I was willing to go out with him one on one, and he would back out. He would make plans then back out and still talk to me. Ben told me his problems all the time, and even cried on the phone, and I helped him through his tough times.

He seemed to get weird and jealous though. About guys, like he would question where I am going and what I am doing, and who I was with, etc. Then my guy friend said that I liked this guy named Jason and my guy friend said Ben got all jealous and weird and said "What? She is way too good for Jason! She is way too hot for Jason! If those 2 date I will never speak to her again" When Ben told me a week before that he liked another girl and he felt that it was gonna lead to dating, so I thought I was a thing in the past? Anyways, Ben told my dad a week later that him and I have been dating for the past 3 months, and I convinced my dad that was a lie! and it is! I went out with Jason and Ben found out from another friend that I went out with Jason and he seemed mad and passive aggressive about it.

He also says "I love you" a lot to me. Like I was outside and he was deeply staring at me and then he walks by me and says "I love you" and I got all awkward about it, haha. So then me and my brother and Ben where in the car and Ben was in the backseat, and all of a sudden starting singing "You are beautiful" and I didn't look back, but I don't know who he was saying that about or if it was about me? lmao! Anyways I was forced to drive him home later, and he made me stop at Rite Aid. Then when we get back in the car he says "So was this our first date? Does this mean we are dating?" I laughed and said "Oh yeah first date at Rite Aid, haha!" He got all quiet and then when I dropped him home he said "Thank you bye" real quick like he was mad.

Anyways, so should I be alarmed? Or is this merely infatuation? He told me he liked some other girl, but yet he gets mad if I mention other guys, and he kept bringing Jason up. So what should I do? Thank you for reading! :)

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