Hell's Bells!

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Hell's Bells!

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A man has a heart attack and wakes up in Hell. Looking round he sees a man taking a breather as he's stoking coal.

"YOU! What the Hell do you think this is, a ruddy holiday camp?" He then kicks him in the groin and sends him tumbling into the fire where he starts screaming his head off.

Lucifer is baffled by his reaction, but says nothing. He goes up to the next man and pushes him further into the flames. In the end, the devil taps him on the shoulder.

"Well, what do you want - I'm busy.?"

"What do I want! I don't get this. I'm meant to be in charge down here, and in you come giving orders, left, right and centre. Do you own this place, or something?"

"Yes I do. My wife was a right bitch. She gave me Hell on earth..."

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