What's happening in Australian politics today?

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What's happening in Australian politics today?

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Well according to our present government 'Australia is open for business" .What exactly does that mean?

mmmmmmmm.........lets see? A shipping lane through the great Barrier reef? Why not? :-5:-5

UN report scathing of Barrier Reef plan - Great Barrier Grief - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Oops: The U.S. Navy accidentally lost four bombs over Australia's Great Barrier Reef


After years of trying to make deals between the green activists and the logging industry so as to save the old growth forests of Tasmania .....The logging industry and the greenies are gobsmacked that the federal government is about to come in and upend everything .......what's a few less ancient trees between friends? :-5

Logging in a World Heritage-listed forest emerges as an election issue - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Trade agreements that no one is allowed to know the details of? Well that's Aussies intellectual property gone . But apparently it's good for us . :-5

Leaked documents reveal hardline US tactics in negotiating trade agreement | World news | theguardian.com

Coalition blocks Senate from secret details of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

Holden /general motors? gone.....Toyota? gone. Child care worker pay rise? gone. Gonski report? why did he even bother? gone. :-5

The way in which the government has decided to stall on processing refugees and the conditions they are being held in is another stuff up . The whole process is to stop anyone from stepping foot on Australian soil. Apparently if you make conditions really bad people wont come. .......... :-5:-5

Manus Island detention centre inhuman, violates prohibition against torture: Amnesty International - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Even those who voted this maniacal government in are regretting it.

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