Ten facts about Yorkshire history!

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Ten facts about Yorkshire history!

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1. The North and East ridings where seperated by the river derwent.

2. There was a district called 'Dickering' that Bridlington was part of!!

3. The Buckrose pub that was once in Norton-on-derwent must have been named Buckrose after the district of that name that was near Norton.

4. Although Ryedale is one of the largest rural districts in England it used to be a lot smaller due to other districts that it has now replaced such as Claro and Hang West near helmsley in the 16th centuary.

5. Districts in Yorkshire used to be known as Wapentakes.

6. Coal used to arrive up to Malton by boat transported orginally from the canals of the West Ridings and Hull way.

7. There used to be lots of villages connected by rail until Beeching had his way in 1965.

8. There was once around a hundred staff working for Malton Railway.

9. Scarborough used to be a big port for Herring fishing people used to come from Scotland to help out in the season.

10. York was once a place for the cloth trade until the West ridings stole there thunder in the 17th centuary...
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Ten facts about Yorkshire history!

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Do you have a map of Yorkshire Ozay? I just tried to look up some names of towns and cities in NJ that were named after towns in England, but I keep getting virus threats from those sites. I know that our towns of Cranfort and Washington were named after your towns.

I don't believe that you've read the book "Blue Highways" by Willian Least Heat Moon about the old and forgotten towns in the USA. As I've told you, I love wandering around the old towns and learn about their history.

Here's a link to his book...good reading....

Blue Highways - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have some time off in November, so I'm going to take a few car trips throught all the lost and forgotten towns of southern New Jersey.

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